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Former Faculty

Former Faculty - Where Are They Now?

Don Ameen died suddenly on April 24, 1996.

Lenny Andrusaitis passed away on October 31, 1996. Lenny was associated with the university for thirty-two years, starting as an instructor at Lowell State. He served as Dean of Students and Director of Financial Aid at Lowell State. In recent years he coordinated the Precalculus course and coauthored a text in the subject. Throughout his career he was active in a wide variety of university activities. Lenny retired in June, 1996.

Ed Baldyga retired and is living in California.

Maurice Beren retired and is living in Chestnut Hill.

Pasquale (Pat) Condo died on July 9, 1998.

Angelo Dadoly passed away in 1996.

Bob Devejian retired and is still living in Andover, Mass.

Ted Faticoni is chairman of the Department of Mathematics at Fordham University and is actively publishing in the area of endomorphism rings.

Brendan Fleming retired in June 1996.

David Finch and Mary Flahive are married and are both at the Department of Mathematics at Oregon State.

Mike Grossman retired and is living with his wife Jane Grossmanin Florida.

Dominique Haughton is currently teaching at Bentley College.

Tom Jiang is at National Cheng-Chi University Taipei, Taiwan

Gerry Kaiser retired in January, 1998 to become Director of The Virginia Center for Signals and Waves, Glen Allen, VA 23060. He can be reached at

Tom Kudzma retired in January, 1998. He is now skiing for the Monaco Olympic Skiing Team. Tom started teaching at Lowell Tech in 1961.

Tom McElligott retired and is living on Cape Cod.

Joe Neuringer retired and is living in Florida.

Andy Ouellette retired, splits his time between Florida and Mass., and visits the department on occasion.

Earl Over retired and is living in Vermont.

Gerry Paquette retired and is living in Tiverton RI.

Lou Rossi is on the faculty at the University of Delaware.

Bernie Shapiro retired in June 1996. He and Yana are traveling the world and visits campus between trips.

Charlie Steele passed away on December 25, 2001

Arthur Talkington retired and is living in Fernandina Beach FL.

Virginia Taylor retired in June 1996.

Joyce Williams retired in June 1996. She still teaches History of Math here at UML on occasion

Ned Wolf was at Keene (NH) State College. Current location?

Bill Moloney, and Tom Costello are now on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Lowell.


On April 21, 1996 the department gathered at Vesper CC to honor the seven faculty members who have retired after the 1995-96 year. They are (left to right) Bernie Shapiro, Joyce Williams, Pat Condo, Lenny Andrusaitus, Don Ameen, Ginny Taylor and Brendan Fleming.