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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.

Microsoft Developer Network Program Info


As part of the Microsoft and VMWare Academic Alliance, UMass Lowell CS is able to setup account for CS students/faculty/staff to download a large suite of Microsoft software packages which includes desktop/server operating systems and development tools (such as Visual Studio), but not Microsoft OFFICE.

As part of the agreement, students currently enrolled in a Computer Science class may request an account to download Microsoft and VMWare software for installation on their personal computer systems.

You may also DOWNLOAD the software on for VMWare Software or for Microsoft Software.  You will need a Kivuto username/password to download the VMWare software or register UML email account with Microsoft Azure.  Please send an email to to request your account. Log In if you already have a Kivuto account or registered with Microsoft Azure.

Please keep the following in mind when you register to download a software package:

  1. Registered account is only valid for a year.  You need to renew your account by sending an email to
  2. When you either graduate from the CS program or are no longer enrolled in CS courses, you may not be able to download further software packages, but you can keep the software installed on your computer.