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What is msgs?

Msgs (pronounced messages) is a mailing list which is used to send important computer science department information out to subscribed members. The messages get emailed to all members.  By default, your email account is subscribed to this when your computer science account is created.

How can I post to msgs?

Send an email message to If you are faculty or admin staff, your message will go right through. Otherwise your message will have to be approved. This takes between a few hours and (over some weekends) a couple days.

What can I post to msgs?

Generally announcements of academic, administrative or wide interest are fine, and anything else is not. Your message should be something other people want to know, not something you want other people to know about.  If you are not sure, go ahead and send the message. If it gets bounced, you'll know it wasn't appropriate.

Examples of OK msgs:

  • Seminar on Tuesday
  • Thesis defense on Friday
  • 91.101 study group meeting Saturday night

Examples of stuff that will be rejected:

  • I have a condo for sale
  • I can't print!
  • Do you think the CS curriculum should include more math?
I'm not getting any msgs, how come?

Either you are not subscribed or your subscription is set to keep you from getting msgs. You can subscribe or modify your subscription here.

To modify your existing subscription, you will need to know the email address you are subscribed to. A password would also be helpful. (It is mailed to you once a month). If you don't know your msgs password, stop by OS312 or have the software email you your password.

How can I look at old msgs?

You can look at old msgs in the web archive.

I don't want any msgs. How do I unsubscribe?

Follow the directions at the very bottom of the page at:

Why should I be sure I'm subscribed to messages?

Important announcements for CS students (especially CS majors) are broadcast via msgs. The assumption is that everybody reads msgs - students and faculty alike. Some information is never published anywhere else, so please be sure that you are subscribed to messages.