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How do I forward my email?

Create a file called ~/.forward and put the email address you want to forward to in that file.

How do I use Outlook to read my email?

Look at e-mail_connectivity.  Many people mess up and use the wrong pop3 server. Use  Other people don't check the little SSL box.

Is IMAP better than POP3?

That depends.  If you want to be able to access all of your mail from many places, IMAP is better.  If you want to access all of your mail from your home PC when the network is down, POP3 is better.

Email sent to me was rejected. The error said something about rejecting SPAM, why?

The University uses anti-SPAM software that checks the IP address that email comes from. If the sending IP address is on a blackhole list (a list of known spammers), the email is rejected.  You might suggest to the person sending you email that he or she check about how to get off the blackhole list.  If your friend does not control his IP number, he should consider switching ISPs.

Why can't I use Yahoo or other web based email systems to read my CS mail?

We don't allow sending passwords over the network in the clear.  Yahoo, Hotmail and similar services don't support SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which we use to encrypt email passwords.