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Spring classes begin Jan. 25 as fully remote, 25% transition to in-person Feb. 1. For more information, visit COVID website.


I am taking a computer class, can I have a Computer Science account?

If you are a computer science major or the course number for the class begins with "91", yes you can have a computer science account.

If you are taking a UNIX course through continuing education, you probably want an account on Fill out the online form.

Which Windows machines are the nicest?

The machines in OS310 are usually the newest. The machines in OS314 are a little older, but OS314 is generally less crowded.

My ID card won't let me into the lab, can you help?

If your ID card won't let you into the parking lots or dorms or CS labs, your card is probably broken. You need to visit the Access Services department.

If you can get into your dorm, then your card did not get authorized to admit you to the CS labs. Send email to help AT with your name and which door you are trying to get into.

If you don't live in the dorms and don't park on campus or aren't sure if your card is authorized, send email to help AT

How do I change my password?

Use the Linux passwd command (not password). To change your Windows password, log into a Windows system, use the ctrl-alt-del sequence, and choose 'change password' when the menu pops up.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Visit the administrators in OS312. They can't tell you what your linux password is but they can reset it for you. If you forgot your windows password, you'll need to visit the IT Help Desk on the 1st floor of Olsen Hall or in University Crossing. Bring you picture ID so you can be properly identified.

Will you email me my password or tell it to me over the phone?

Unfortunately, no. Please email help AT to receive assistance.

How long can alumni keep accounts?

There is no set time for turning off alumni accounts. If your account needs to be turned off, you'll get a decent amount of notice.