Feb. 21: Sanders leads the field in California by 8 points; Warren in 2nd place

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UMass Lowell Center for Public Opinion conducted a survey Feb. 12-20, 2020 of 450 California Democratic Primary likely voters. 

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Key Findings

  • Bernie Sanders has a lead over Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with 24% of California likely primary Democratic voters while Warren comes in second at 16%.  Close behind is former Vice President Joe Biden at 13%, followed by former mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg, who are both at 12%.
  • Both Sanders and Warren do well among young voters. For Sanders, 31% of the vote from those under 45, compared to 20% of those 45 and older. Warren gets 22% of the under 45 vote, but only 12% of the 45 and over vote. Biden has more balanced support with 15% of 18-44 year-olds and 13% of those 45 and over.  
  • Sanders leads in the Golden State because of strong support from Latinos (32%) compared to Warren (16%) and Biden (15%).  Among white voters, however, Sanders leads by only 3 points, 21% to Warren’s 18%.