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Jong Soo Lee

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Jong Soo Lee Associate Professor


Statistics, Applications of statistics

Research Interests

Statistics, applications of statistics

Selected Publications

  • Kronrod, A., Hammar, M.E., Lee, J., Thind, H.K., Mangano, K.M. (2020). Linguistic Delight Promotes Eating Right: Figurative Language Increases Perceived Enjoyment and Encourages Healthier Food Choices. Health Communication, August.
  • Sahasrabudhe, N., Lee, J., Scott, T.M., Punnett, L., Tucker, K.L., Palacios, N. (2020). Serum Vitamin D and Depressive Symptomatology among Boston-Area Puerto Ricans. The Journal of nutrition.
  • Lee, J., Follen, M. (2015). A Two Sample Test for Functional Data. CSAM (Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods), 22(2) 121–135.
  • Byrne, C., Lee, J. (2015). Alternating Minimization, Proximal Minimization and Optimization Transfer Are Equivalent. arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.03034.
  • Yang, J., Lee, J., Ren, P., Cox, D.D., Choi, T. (2015). Bayesian smoothing and estimation of functional data with approximation by basis functions. arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.07568.
  • Scott, R., Ting, J., Lee, J. (1982). Comparison of centrifuge and full scale dynamic pile tests.