Population Health

We seek to understand the complex relationships of diet and other behavioral and environmental factors, genetics and psychosocial stress. We are especially interested in understanding these relationships with the high and apparently increasing prevalence of cardiometabolic risk factors in adults, particularly in underserved communities.

Each population differs considerably in ancestral genetic history and in exposures to known risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases. They have unique dietary intake patterns, as well as social, cultural, and environmental structures that contribute to stressors.

Group image of Center for Population Health members

Research Retreat

Participating in the seventh annual Clinical and Translational Science Research Retreat held at UMass Medical School on May 16, 2017 were: (from left to right) Yunsheng Ma, MD, Ph.D. (UMass Medical School); Yu Cao, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Katherine Tucker, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Katherine Luzuriaga, MD (UMass Medical School); Benyuan Liu, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Marlon Fernandes de Alcantara, Ph.D. (UMass Lowell); Suzanne Leveille, Ph.D. (UMass Boston); and Wei Ding, Ph.D. (UMass Boston).