Two people working in the clean room at the Saab ETIC Building.

Research Personnel

  • Partha Chowdhury, Professor, Co-Director, Radiation Laboratory, Physics Graduate Coordinator
  • Christopher (Kim) Lister, Professor, Co-Director, Radiation Laboratory
  • Andrew Rogers, Assistant Professor
  • Peter Bender, Assistant Professor
  • Christopher Morse, Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Gemma Wilson, Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Yuan Qiu, graduate student
  • Patrick Copp, graduate student
  • Bilal Amro, graduate student
  • Katharine Moran, graduate student
  • Tristan Brown, undergraduate student
  • Emery Doucet, undergraduate student
  • Chung (Alvin) Kow, undergraduate student
  • Aaron Baumgart, undergraduate student
  • Andrew Cozzens, undergraduate student
  • Shawn Kilroy, undergraduate student