A mushroom zoomed in on and seen from a microscope slide.
Melisenda Jean McDonald
Melisenda Jean McDonald, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus



Research Interest

Protein structure, function and assembly; hemoglobin; self-assembled protein systems; structural biology; immunobiochemistry; biosensor technology; self-mediated biosystems.

Educational Background

Dowling College, BA; SUNY Buffalo; MA, Ph.D.


Dr. McDonald received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the SUNY Medical School in Buffalo, spent several years in post-doctoral study, 10 years as an Assistant Professor at Harvard, joined the UMass Lowell faculty as an Associate Professor in 1986 (tenure in 1988) and promoted to Full Professor in 1990. She is a member of the biochemistry program; currently teaches four graduate biochemistry courses; has four doctoral students; and is a member of the UMass Lowell CHN/NCOE Nanomanufacturing Centers collaborating on biosensor technology.