• Supriya Chakrabarti, Ph.D.
    Professor and Director
    Physics and Applied Physics, HEROES

    Space experiments, Hyperspectral imaging from UV to near IR, Lidar.

  • Ofer Cohen
    Associate Professor

    Computational plasma physics, Computational methods, Magnetohydrodynamics

  • Timothy Cook
    Associate Professor

    Visible & ultraviolet instrumentation, Sounding rockets, Small satellites, Tomography & other novel data analysis techniques

  • Christopher Hansen, Ph.D.
    Chair, Professor, UMass Lowell SHAP3D Site Director
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, SHAP3D, SWIMMER, ADVANCE, Making Waves, HEROES, LoCSST, Wind Energy Research Group, RURI, PERC, Center for Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers and Soft Materials

    Materials science, self-healing materials, additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing) techniques

  • Silas Laycock
    Associate Professor

    Neutron stars and black holes in X-ray binaries, pulsars, multi wavelength  astronomy, time domain astrophysics.

  • Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Ph.D.
    Distinguished University Professor, Co-Director of HEROES
    Plastics Engineering, HEROES, Fabric Discovery Center, PERC, Nanomanufacturing Center for Excellence, NERVE, RURI, LoCSST,

    Sustainable approaches to polymers, additives and multifunctional materials, structure-property-utility relationships of plastics and elastomers. Polymers and additives from renewable resources. Thermal & morphological characterization of materials, prototyping and scalable manufacture of flexible electronic products.

  • Jay Weitzen
    Department Chair, Professor
    Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Wireless Communication