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Foreign Influence on Research

The below chart of internal contacts will provide guidance on federally-mandated disclosures and other compliance issues.

OfficeKey Point of ContactConfer in case of...
Research AdministrationSusan Puryear, Executive Director
Grants / contracts / subcontracts w/ foreign governments and agencies
Externally funded activities in foreign countries
Technology CommercializationJenna Petrillo, Operations Coordinator
Disclosure of an invention or valuable IP
Use of university name or trademark
Use or transfer of proprietary information
Study Abroad & International ExperiencesFern MacKinnon, Director
International Student Programs
International Students & ScholarsSal Mazzone, Executive Director
Hosting international staff / students
Hosting foreign visitors/researchers
Visa & Immigration questions
Research IntegrityMichael Centola, Director
Conflict of interest
Outside consulting
Sponsored travel
Information SecurityJames Packard; ACIO, Chief Information Security Officer
Data theft / information security incident
IT risk & security assessments
Loaner equipment
Export ControlThomas Porro, Manager
Foreign engagement analysis
International agreements / collaborations
Export controls, including international travel
Security & intelligence
AdvancementJohn Feudo, Vice Chancellor
Foreign donors/gifts
In-kind donations