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HEROES is a strategic partnership between UMass Lowell and DEVCOM SC. 

Together we collaborate with Industry, academia, and government to leverage intellectual assets and resources to create knowledge accessible now and in the future.

As an interdisciplinary research and development group, students, staff, and faculty work alongside DEVCOM SC scientists and engineers to transform ideas into products to increase national security and enhance the US warfighter.

FY24 Congressional Research, U.S. Army DEVCOM SC

Pair of US Army combat boots, pant leg with camo.


Date: Thursday, June 13, 2024 | 3:30–5 p.m.
Attendance: Virtual
*Please email: Susan_Damore@uml.edu for the MS Teams link.

Development and Testing of Material Solutions and Prototyping/Manufacturing Capabilities FY24 SWIFT via University of Massachusetts in Lowell (UML) Research.


  • Develop and evaluate insulation rivaling wool that can survive the rubber vulcanization process.
  • Research and development of insulation material that has efficiency to withstand extreme cold weather conditions comparable to wool while having the ability to withstand the vulcanized rubber process.
  • Explore light weight polyurethane and rubber compounds for insoles, midsoles, and outsoles.
  • Advance manufacturing for extreme cold weather boots and vulcanized rubber.
  • Develop footwear modeling programming for advanced prototyping and assessment of footwear mechanics.

Promoting Innovation

  • > $45M
    in Research Expenditure
  • 180
    Projects Funded
  • 14
    Patents Filed and Awarded
  • >75
    Papers Published
  • 81
    Faculty Researchers
  • >360
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