• Ramaswamy Nagarajan, Ph.D.
    Distinguished University Professor, Co-Director of HEROES
    Plastics Engineering, HEROES, Fabric Discovery Center, PERC, Nanomanufacturing Center for Excellence, NERVE, RURI, LoCSST,

    Sustainable approaches to polymers, additives and multifunctional materials, structure-property-utility relationships of plastics and elastomers. Polymers and additives from renewable resources. Thermal & morphological characterization of materials, prototyping and scalable manufacture of flexible electronic products.

  • Susan D'Amore
    Office Manager
    HEROES, Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Fabric Discovery Center (FDC)
  • Claire Lepont
    Senior Technical Program Manager; Doctoral Student: Entrepreneurship
    Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, FDC & HEROES

    Nano-composites, Coatings, Transparent conductive electrodes, Organic photo-voltaic, Collaborative research between faculty members, Industry and Government partners.

  • Christos  Protonotarios
    HEROES Grants & Promotional Materials Manager, Adjunct Faculty (Peace and Conflict Studies)
    Plastics Engineering, HEROES, Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Fabric Discovery Center (FDC)