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Robert Parkin

Robert E ParkinProfessor
  • College
    Francis College of Engineering
  • Department
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Phone
    (978) 934-3308
  • Email

Research Interests

Robotics, Control, Manufacturing

The development of simple, robust and efficient sorting algorithm in the field of group technology and cellular manufacturing for application in factory settings


  • Other: (D.I.C), (1965), Imperial College, University of London - London, United Kingdom
  • Ph D, (1965), Imperial College, University of London - London
  • BS: Engineering, (1962), University of London - London

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Plymouth Major Award
  • National Research council award (2000)
  • University Scholar (1985)
  • Keynote speaker (1985) - Combustion Engineering, Alexandria, VA

Selected Publications

  • Parkin, R.E. (2015) "A note on the extinction coefficient and absorptivity of glass," Solar Energy 114: pp. 196-197
  • Parkin, R.E. (2010) "Solar angles revisited using a general vector approach," Solar Energy 84:6 pp. 912-916
  • Li, M., Parkin, R.E. (2002) "Expansion of group technology to handle logical operations," International Journal of Production Research 40:16 pp. 4169-4194
  • Li, M.L., Parkin, R.E. (1997) "Group technology revisited: A simple and robust algorithm with enhanced capability," International Journal of Production Research 35:7 pp. 1969-1992
  • Parkin, R.E., Li, M.L. (1997) "The multi-dimensional aspects of a group technology algorithm," International Journal of Production Research 35:8 pp. 2345-2358
  • Parkin, R.E. (1991) "Robotic capability determined from planes of motion," Journal of Robotic Systems 8:5 pp. 579-598
  • Parkin, R.E. (1986) "GEOMETRY OF THE ROBOTIC WORKPLACE AND THE HOMOGENEOUS REPRESENTATION.," Robotics engineering 8:1 pp. 16-22
  • Parkin, R.E., Hutchinson, W.K. (1985) "COMPLIANT MECHANICAL GRIPPER," Robotics age 7:5 pp. 11-13
  • Parkin, R.E. (1985) "INVERSE ROBOT KINEMATICS DERIVED FROM PLANES OF MOVEMENT," Robotics age 7:8 pp. 20-25