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Course Schedule Glossary

Subject NumberSubject/Prefix code for a program/department.
Catalog NumberFour digit number indicates level of course.
Section NumberIndicates the section number of the course being offered.
001-009CSCE (Continuing Studies and Corporate Education) courses: in person.
011-019CSCE courses: in person, Summer I.
021-029CSCE courses: in person, Summer II.
031-039CSCE courses: online.
041-049CSCE courses: off-campus.
051-059CSCE courses: in person, accelerated.
061-069CSCE courses: online, accelerated.
071-079Corporate on-campus courses.
081-0898 week courses
091-099CO-OP sections
101-199Lecture: a course in which an instructor presents the main body of course material, such as ENGN.1070.
201-299Recitation: small discussion classes designed to clarify main ideas from lectures, such as ENGL.1010.
301-399Honors courses: only for those students accepted in the honors program.
601-609LHS (Lowell high school): distance classes.
630-639LHS (Lowell high school): classes that are not distance.
650-659"Teams" sections.
701-899Laboratory/Studio: applies lecture material in small group situations, such as experiments, assignments, and projects.
901-999Clinical supervision: provided in collaboration with outside clinical agencies and/or schools. Also, CO-OP assessment sections.