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Approved Entrepreneurship Courses

Approved RHED Entrepreneurship Courses

ENTR.1000 — The Freshmen Difference Maker Seminar (Formerly BUSI.1000)
ENTR.3000 — Principles of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Formerly ENTR/64.300)
ENTR.3610 — Starting a New Venture (Formerly ENTR/64.361)
ENTR.4640 — Finance for Emerging Business Enterprises (Formerly ENTR /64.464)
ENTR.4960 — Entrepreneurship Strategy Implementation (Formerly ENTR /64.496)
EXER.4200 — Advanced Study in Exercise Science (Formerly 38.420)
MGMT.4300 — Managing Change
MGMT.4800 — Current Topics in Management (Formerly MGMT/66.480)
MIST.2010 — Business Information Systems (Formerly 63.301: Management Information Systems, MIST 201)
NURS.3010 — Research in Nursing and Health Care (Formerly 33.301)
NURS.4130 — Role Transition (Formerly 33.413)
NURS.4150 — Community Health Project (Formerly 33.415)
PSYC.3360 — Culture and Psychology (Formerly 47.336)