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Rachel Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield
Rae Mansfield, Ph.D. Thesis and Fellowship Coordinator, Visiting Professor

Research Interests

Public history and interdisciplinary research, popular entertainment, burlesque, film studies, Queer theory and performance, cultural policy and arts funding, North American academic culture, and standards of academic integrity


B.A., Theater and Rhetoric, Bates College 
M.A/Ph.D. Drama, Tufts University


Rae Mansfield is Faculty-in-Residence for the Commonwealth Honors Living Learning Community, Faculty Fellow for Major Awards for the Office of National Scholarships, and the Honors Thesis/Project Coordinator. Rae is also a playwright, a theatre technician for the Oberon and Somerville theatres, and faculty advisor for the Off-Broadway Players student theatre group. 
Teaching Philosophy
University experiences in and out of traditional classrooms facilitate students’ realization of their ability to effect real-world change from creation to collaboration and implementation.