It takes a community to fulfill the Honors College mission.

There’s nothing like that feeling when you find your academic support circle. The Honors College Community is made up of other highly motivated and academically promising peers.

Our community of students are eager to challenge themselves and engage with their studies and professional aspirations on a deeper level.

As a member of the Honors College community, you will find inspiring faculty, encouraging staff, engaged alumni, supportive friends and family, and community collaborators committed to guiding you on your path to self-discovery and success. The Honors College feels and functions like a small college within a large publicly acclaimed research university that is focused on supporting you!

Text Diagram: Faculty, Friends & Family, Emeritus Faculty, Community Collaborators, Alumni, Student Leaders, Staff & Honors Student Success.

As this graphic shows, student success is at the center of all the communities that support Honors students: Faculty, Staff, Student Leaders, Alumni, Community Collaborators, Emeritus Faculty and Friends and Families.