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Commerce Manager

Commerce Manager (QuikPay) is an online third party payment processor and reporting tool specifically designed for temporary events and conferences. It is not intended to create year-round websites.

Please note that certain policies and procedures must be adhered to when using E-Commerce or collecting revenue for the purpose of legal compliance.


Payments processed through Commerce Manager are processed directly into your Merchant Services bank account, and each payment site can be customized for each event (within certain limitations) based on the information you provide. 

Upon creating an account, a link is created that your technical contact embeds on either your department or event website. Testing and production sites allow for testing and changes, and a separate reporting site allows you to log in and run reports on all of your events based on various criteria.

Creating an Account

Complete the Commerce Manager Request Form (pdf) and fax or email the completed form to Cash Management Services at least two weeks prior to the date you want your site to go live. This allows time for configuration and testing of the site. The request form must have Department Head approval and final approval from Cash Management Services in order to be successfully submitted.

Once your request is received, the University of Massachusetts’ Treasurer’s Office will contact you to provide training (pdf) and a site review.

To process refunds for customers, use the Credit Request Form (pdf).