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Faculty Senate

Undergraduate Policy Committee (UPC)

This committee shall include among its members one faculty member from each college with an undergraduate program and non-voting appointees of the administration. This committee shall deal with such areas as presiding over undergraduate academic policy, admissions, approving new majors and minors, and ensuring the availability of courses with wide university impact. Degree programs offered by continuing education shall be within the purview of this committee. 

The members of the Undergraduate Policy Committee (UPC) for Fall 2015, Spring 2016 academic year are: (revised 9/9/15).

  • Nicole Champagne *
  • Alan Doerr *
  • Jacqueline Dowling
  • Marie Frank
  • Michael Graves *
  • Javier Horta *
  • John McKelliget
  • Arthur Mittler *
  • Melissa Pennell *
  • Charlotte Ryan *
  • Carole Salmon
  • Lori Weeden

The (*) denotes that the UPC member is also a Senator.

To be determined - (student at large)

Michael Carter (ex officio -- President of Faculty Senate)

Non-voting appointees of the administration:

  • Pauline Carroll
  • Kerry Donohoe
  • Charlotte Mandell
  • Mai Nguyen
  • Sheila Riley-Callahan

Fall 2015, Spring 2016 Undergraduate Policy Committee (pdf).