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Faculty Senate

Graduate Policy & Affairs Committee (GPAC)

This committee shall include among its members one member of the faculty from each college and a non-voting appointee of the administration. This committee shall have responsibility for all graduate programs and policies, including procedures for the review and monitoring of graduate programs. In addition this committee is responsible for the adjudication of individual student appeals.

The Graduate Policy & Affairs Committee (GPAC) members for Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 academic year are: (revised 9/9/15).

  • Bryan Buchholz*
  • Edward Chen
  • Linda Kahn-Dangelo
  • Mufeed Mahd*
  • Robert Malloy
  • Barbara Mawn
  • James Nehring
  • Wilson Palacios
  • Emmanuelle Reynaud
  • David Ryan*
  • Hyun Suh*
  • Paula Telesco

The (*) denotes that the GPAC member is also a Senator.