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Library Advisory Committee

Library Advisory Committee

This committee shall serve in a strategic advisory role as a liaison between faculty and the University Libraries, engage with the Director of Libraries to articulate a vision for the University Libraries, and advocate on behalf of the development of the libraries.

The members of the Library Advisory Committee for the Fall 2013, Spring 2014 academic year are: 

  • Case, Alexander
  • Chandler, Abigail *
  • Crain, Timothy *
  • Davidson, Judith
  • Edwards, Lisa
  • Fisher, Joseph *
  • Freund, Steven *
  • Gavarini, Jehanne-Marie
  • Gorczyca, Jennifer
  • Hansen, Christopher *
  • Manion, Margaret **
  • Mullin, Donna *
  • Quayes, Muhammad *
  • Shuldman, Mitchell

The (*) denotes that the committee member is also a Senator.
The (**) denotes Committee Chairperson and also a Senator.

Committee Composition

  • Faculty:  Minimum of 1, maximum of 2 representatives from each college
  • 4 Librarians, including 1 Librarian from each of the three divisions

Non-voting Members

  • Library Director, Ex Officio

Revised 7/8/13