If you request is urgent, please contact Facilities Management Service Center at 978-934-2601. If your request is non-urgent, please submit a service request online.

AppliancesAppliance replacementAppliance repairs, washing machine repairs, food service appliance repairs
Electrical & LightingBallast defective, electrical outlets out, lights out, power outLight sensor repair, light bulb out, lighting outside replacement, light switch repairs, blown fuse/tripped breaker, electrical outlet covers, electrical light covers, outlet install
ElevatorDoors not opening/closing, stuck between floors, entrapment, call/floor buttons not workingNeeds cleaning, lights out, inspection required, other
Environmental Health & SafetyChemical/gas/burning orders, mold, acid neutralization alarmFire extinguishers, recycle bin replacements, pickup/disposal of light bulbs and/or miscellaneous items
Exterior Services/GroundsSnow & ice removal, broken glass, dead birds, pot hole repairs, irrigation breakParking garage service, dumpsters, trash, sawhorses, outdoor furniture repair, landscaping
Fire SafetySmoke detector, alarms, sprinkler leak, fire panel beepingFume hood repairs, emergency exit signs
Furnituren/aMove furniture, remove furniture, dispose of furniture
General Repairs/CarpentryRoof leak, exterior door repair, assemble furnitureInterior door repair, painting repairs, wall repair, hang items, floor tiles/flooring, ceiling tiles, furniture repair, bathroom stall repairs, window repairs/leaks, parking lot arm gate, graffiti, paper towel dispensers, masonry service, general repairs
HousekeepingAdd paper towels, add toilet paper, clean floor spill, glass clean-upClean carpets/stains, empty hallway trash bins, replace hand sanitizer, clean-up trash in building, power washing, strip and wax floors, vacuum service
HVACHVAC service, room too cold/hot, leaking unit, leaking pipesPortable AC service, install window unit, power plant, BMS, noisy AC unit
Lockshop/Keysrepair crash bar, locks, request keyChange locks/recore, remove/repair lock, cabinet/desk lock, key does not work, door not locking
Pest Controlmice, spiders, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, bees, other
PlumbingBathroom water leaking, toilet clogged, toilet leaking, sink leaking, water running, odor, ceiling leak, flood/overflows, no hot waterBroken toilet seat, low water pressure, plumbing fixture repairs, water hydration system service
Signagen/aInterior room inserts, interior room sign, interior directional signs, interior maps in quad area, exterior parking signs, exterior building signs, exterior monument signs, exterior bus shelter signs, exterior pedestrian signs