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Contractors & Service Providers

Contractors & Service Providers Guidelines

University of Massachusetts Lowell Contractor Rules & Regulations

To establish guidelines for all contractors and vendors performing work at the University for the Office of Facilities Management and Planning, ensuring that construction, renovations, repairs and maintenance work is performed with the highest level of safety and consistency so as to minimize the impact on students, faculty and staff.

  1. Work Hours:
    Contractors shall conduct all work during normal University business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Contractor is required to coordinate all access to University property with the assigned Facilities Manager. Any off-hours work must be coordinated in advance.
  2. Shutdowns & Disruptions:
    For any work requiring a shutdown of HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical or fire alarm services, or that may interfere with normal University operations (due to noise, odors, etc.), advanced notice of at least four (4) working days is required and the work must be pre-approved and scheduled around the activities of the area.
  3. Parking:
    Contractors shall observe all University parking regulations and are liable for any parking violations. Contractors shall make arrangements in advance with their assigned Facilities manager for temporary parking permits, hang tags, or gate access cards. Parking at building entrances, lawn or common areas is prohibited. Contractors are responsible to coordinate access with their Facilities manager for any special vehicles making deliveries or performing the work.
  4. Conduct:
    Contractors are expected to exhibit the highest standards of professional behavior while performing work for the University. This includes, but is not limited to, no smoking; no use of alcohol or illegal drugs; no use of inappropriate language, exercising volume control (no radios or loud talking) so as not to disrupt nearby classes, studying or office functions. No weapons are allowed on University property. If the Contractor needs to work in or near a dormitory, notification must be provided to the Dean of Students. Any inappropriate behavior may lead to removal of the Contractor.
  5. Protection of Property:
    Contractors shall be responsible for protection of elevators, hallways, sidewalks, parking lots and other common areas in their “work path” beyond their scope of work. Contractors shall clean these areas of dirt and debris caused by their work on a daily basis. Contractors shall either provide portable toilet facilities for contractor use or request permission to use University bathrooms. If using University bathrooms, Contractor shall be responsible for their portion of cleaning the bathrooms on a daily basis. Contractors are responsible for providing protection of adjacent existing areas from their work.
  6. Wages:
    All contractors are required by State Law to pay prevailing wages on all work done for the University, subject to audit by the Inspector General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Contractors are also required to submit weekly certified payrolls. Additional information can be found on the website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  7. Logistics Plan:
    Contractors shall present a logistics plan to the Facilities manager for approval prior to starting work. The logistics plan shall address vehicle delivery routes, traffic plan, noise and dust control, securing the jobsite area, Police and Fire details needed (Contractor is responsible for any required police and fire details), etc. Contractor is responsible for contacting DigSafe, as needed. Contractor is responsible for temporary utilities to the jobsite.
  8. Rubbish Removal:
    A clean, organized work area is expected of all contractors. Contractors are required to remove all debris from the work area on a daily basis. Unless otherwise authorized, Contractors are expected to provide their own dumpster for construction debris. Use of University dumpsters must be pre-arranged or a location coordinated for the Contractor’s dumpsters.
  9. Tools, Equipment and Staging:
    Contractors are expected to be self sufficient and provide all tools and equipment necessary for their work. Storage of any tools or equipment on University property must be pre-approved.
  10. Insurance:
    Contractors are responsible for providing a Certificate of Insurance prior to starting any work.
  11. Permits:
    Contractors are responsible for all permitting associated with their scope of work.
  12. Emergency Situations:
    In case of emergency, contact Campus Police at 978-934-2911.
  13. Emergency Contact Information:
    The Contractor must provide the University with an emergency contact number of a responsible person for after-hours emergencies.
  14. Unforeseen Conditions:
    Contractors must contact their Facilities manager immediately upon encountering unforeseen conditions and work together to resolve. If hazardous materials are encountered, notify your Facilities representative immediately and they will contact the Environmental & Emergency Management (EEM) Department.
  15. Project Closeout:
    Contractors shall provide the University with all operating manuals, warranties, spare parts etc. All documentation shall be submitted in both hardcopy and electronic form. Electronic files provided should contain both working files (word, excel, CAD files, etc.) and pdf formats.