Aerial photo of UMass Lowell's North Campus

Building Identification Codes

To make the building codes (pdf) more intuitive, each code has been given three letters instead of two.

1001PAW1001 PawtucketSouth
150WIL150 Wilder - Desmarais HouseSouth
175CAB175 Cabot StreetEast
49EML49 East Meadow LaneLow
61EML61 East Meadow LaneLow
820BRO820 BroadwaySouth
ALCCharles Hoff Alumni Scholarship CenterEast
ALLAllen HouseSouth
ALUAlumni HallNorth
AMEAmes TextileEast
BALBall HallNorth
BELUMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse Low
BOUBourgeois HallEast
COBCoburn HallSouth
CONConcordia HallSouth
COSCostello Athletic CenterNorth
CRCCampus Recreation CenterEast
CUMCumnock HallNorth
Dandeneau HallNorth
DONDonahue HallEast
DUGDugan HallSouth
DURDurgin HallSouth
EAMEames HallNorth
EPGEast Parking GarageEast
ETICSaab Emerging Technologies & Innovation CenterNorth
FALFalmouth HallNorth
FOXFox HallEast
GMGGrounds Maintenance GarageNorth
HSSHealth & Social Sciences BuildingSouth
ICCUMass Lowell Inn & Conference CenterLow
KITKitson HallNorth
LEILeitch HallEast
LYDLydon LibraryNorth
MAHMahoney HallSouth
MCGMcGauvran Student UnionSouth
NPGNorth Parking GarageNorth
NPPNorth Power PlantNorth
OLEO'Leary LibrarySouth
OLNOlney HallNorth
OLSOlsen HallNorth
PERPerry HallNorth
PINPinanski HallNorth
RIVRiverview SuitesSouth
SCDSouth Campus Dining HallSouth
SHESheehy HallSouth
SOUSouthwick HallNorth
SPGSouth Parking GarageSouth
SPPSouth Power PlantSouth
TSOTsongas Center at UMass LowellEast
TSOGARTsongas Center GarageEast
UC6University Crossing - Building 6Low
UCCUniversity CrossingLow
USRUniversity Suites Residence HallEast
WANWannalancit MillsEast
WEEWeed HallSouth