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Building Identification Codes

To make the building codes (pdf) more intuitive, each code has been given three letters instead of two.
1001PAW 1001 Pawtucket South
150WIL 150 Wilder - Desmarais House South
175CAB 175 Cabot Street East
49EML 49 East Meadow Lane Low
61EML 61 East Meadow Lane Low
820BRO 820 Broadway South
ALC Charles Hoff Alumni Scholarship Center East
ALL Allen House South
ALU Alumni Hall North
AME Ames Textile East
BAL Ball Hall North
BEL UMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse  Low
BOU Bourgeois Hall East
COB Coburn Hall South
CON Concordia Hall South
COS Costello Athletic Center North
CRC Campus Recreation Center East
CUM Cumnock Hall North
DON Donahue Hall East
DUG Dugan Hall South
DUR Durgin Hall South
EAM Eames Hall North
EPG East Parking Garage East
ETIC Saab Emerging Technologies & Innovation Center North
FAL Falmouth Hall North
FOX Fox Hall East
GMG Grounds Maintenance Garage North
HSS Health & Social Sciences Building South
ICC UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center Low
KIT Kitson Hall North
LEI Leitch Hall East
LYD Lydon Library North
MAH Mahoney Hall South
MCG McGauvran Student Union South
NPG North Parking Garage North
NPP North Power Plant North
OLE O'Leary Library South
OLN Olney Hall North
OLS Olsen Hall North
PAS Pasteur Hall North
PER Perry Hall North
PIN Pinanski Hall North
RIV Riverview Suites South
SCD South Campus Dining Hall South
SHE Sheehy Hall South
SOU Southwick Hall North
SPG South Parking Garage South
SPP South Power Plant South
TSO Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell East
TSOGAR Tsongas Center Garage East
UC6 University Crossing - Building 6 Low
UCC University Crossing Low
USR University Suites Residence Hall East
WAN Wannalancit Mills East
WEE Weed Hall South