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About Facilities Management

Facilities Management works with the campus community to help the university to achieve its mission by providing a highly functional, attractive and safe campus environment.

Four Groups within Facilities-Planning, Project Management, Operations & Services, Facilities Business Operations

We ensure that the physical campus environment - comprising 60 buildings, 4.7 million GSF with diverse uses, and 200 acres of open space and parking lots - meets the educational and research needs of the University today and in the future.

Key Responsibilities

Planning: Guiding and supporting the evolution of the physical campus environment through feasibility assessment, programming and design of major capital projects, oversight of real estate, transportation planning and providing campus-wide standards. Under the direction of Planning is Facilities Information Systems, which provides essential myriad spatial data and other information essential to planning, design and construction initiatives, as well as day-to-day University operations.

Project Management: Executing all campus design, construction projects, signage, furniture, relocation services and renovation management from scoping and design, through construction and move-in.
Adam Baacke, Executive Director, Planning, Design, and Construction

Facilities Operations and Services: Coordinating vital functions related to the usage, maintenance, repair, cleaning, landscaping, safety, energy utilization and construction of the University's buildings and grounds.
T.J. (Terrence) McCarthy, Executive Director, Facilities Operations and Services

emptyFacilities Business Operations: Provides leadership and oversight for fiscal affairs, business operations, human resources and administrative support for Facilities Planning, Operations and Services and Project Management.
Karyn Puleo, Executive Director, Facilities Management's Business Operations