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Global Studies Alumni

UMass Lowell Global Studies Alumni

  • Andrea Andzenge
    • Dissertation Title: "'I Deserve Better, So I Will…' Exploring the Potential Positive Role of Psychological Entitlement in the Quest for Socioeconomic Advancement"
  • Aerin Commins
    • Dissertation Title: "Perceived and Real Representations of Terrorism in Academic and Popular Writing"
  • Kyrie Kowalik
    • Visiting Assistant Professor at New England College
    • Dissertation Title: "The Importance of Media Framings: An Analysis of Immigration, Crime, Media and Policy in the United States 2002–2016"
  • Katerin Ramirez
    • Dissertation Title: "The Economics and Politics of Negotiation over Land Use for Wind Energy: Case Studies in Mexico and the Dominican Republic"
  • Seungok Ryu
    • Assistant Professor & Junior Research Fellow, DPRK Strategic Research Center KIMEP University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    • Dissertation Title: "Petrostates and Territorial Disputes in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia: How Domestic and International Pressures Affect Military Actions"
  • Michael Sim
    • Dissertation Title: "Globalization and Transnational Corporations: Innovative Transnational Business Model for Medical Device Industry in the 21st Century"