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Internship Placement Process

Fall or Spring Internships for Credit

Register for Internship I (3 credits)

No permission number needed but must meet pre-requisite (Critical Methods, Intro Professional Writing, Intro Creative Writing, OR Play Analysis).

Meets 75 minutes a week in classroom, 8-10 hours a week on site, unpaid.

Simply sign up for Internship I and you are guaranteed an internship!

Email about what you are interested in doing, so we can begin to make arrangements.

Summer Internships for Credit

Apply for Placement in Practicum (1-3 credits)

Permission only, no classroom sessions, 120 hours total, unpaid but earn 3 credits, tuition due since this is a course. Students must apply with Request for Placement form (doc) or contact the Internship Coordinator:

About the Course

An Internship offered through the English Department is a three-credit COURSE, not an unpaid job. Plan for it as you would any academic obligation, and count it as a part of your regular course load for the term.

The course requires 8-10 hours unpaid, relevant work each week (the normal class plus prep time a capstone course would take each week). Some students schedule four hour blocks two days a week for 15 weeks, others do three hour blocks three days a week for 13.5 weeks, etc. Most sites are flexible about scheduling during business hours.

Course assignments for Internship I are focused on career building and reflection, and there are weekly, 75-minute, face-to-face class meetings (except in summer when we do not meet in person), plus your weekly internship hours. The course is graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory rather than with a standard letter grade.