Students from Prof. Marshall's 'Literature of Disability' class visited the Lowell Association for the Blind.

Internship Placements

The UMass Lowell English Department pre-approved internships are designed to provide students with a high-quality educational experience and are terrific opportunities for your learning and career development.

Our department-sponsored internship placements are almost all with local non-profit organizations and all are unpaid. These positions offer:

  • skill-building opportunities
  • networking with professionals
  • experimenting with different career paths
  • giving back to the community

These internships are screened carefully, so the work you complete should be meaningful and the networking and skill building for your career well worth the effort. All of the placements are eligible for either 1 or 3 practicum credits, though not all of these have to be taken for course credit.

Most internships require 10 +/- hours a week, though that number can vary, especially if you do not choose to earn practicum credits for the internships. Some summer internships may require more hours per week. Some of the placements require interns to be on site for all of their hours, and some allow interns to complete some work on their own at home or on campus. Internships taken for 3 credits of the practicum require a minimum of 120 hours.

Please note that only placements with the double asterisk (**) are pre-approved and English Department sponsored. The other listings are examples of placements past students have found on their own.

Please contact English Department Internship Coordinator, Diana Archibald, for more information by email: or phone: 978-934-4199.

Placement Steps

  1. Submit a “Request for Placement” form to the English department’s Internship Coordinator, Professor Archibald at She will check your references.
  2. Next, you will need a good resume before you can be interviewed by your placement. Career Services can help, if needed, and give tips about interviews and internship searching, too.
  3. If your placement interview goes well, you will land an internship—hurray! Contact Diana Archibald at that point for a permission number to add the course. Congrats!

Internship Course (Practicum) F.A.Q. & Placement Options for English Students

I’m so busy! How can I find the time to do an internship?

Remember, the internship course is a course, not an unpaid job. Plan for it as you would any academic obligation, and count it as a part of your course load for the term. This course requires 8-10 hours each week (the normal time a capstone course would take each week: class + prep). Some students schedule 4-hr blocks 2 days a week for 15 weeks, others do 3-hr blocks 3 days a week for 13.5 weeks, etc. Most sites are flexible about scheduling during business hours.

I don’t know how to get an internship. How can I secure a placement for this course?

Start by submitting a Request for Placement form available through the English department. Internship listings below marked with ** are pre-approved internships that automatically count for academic credit if you are offered the position. Those places are vetted to make sure they offer high-quality experiences. You can simply apply for one of those. The other listings below are examples of placements past students have found on their own that are not guaranteed for UMass Lowell English majors. These examples show the range of internships students have taken for credit. Students found such placements by going to Career Service for help, searching sites such as or, and checking with local businesses and organizations. All placements must be approved by the end of the “Add with permission” period to earn course credit.

But shouldn’t internships be paid? Why would I pay tuition for an internship?

If you are able to land a paid internship (job), congratulations! Those positions are often hard to get and can be great career opportunities. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee the work you do will be meaningful and not exploitative, however, so you should also be careful about such jobs and make sure they are worth doing. Check with Career Services for advice on paid internships. If you take an internship course (practicum), you pay tuition just like you do for all of your courses. Your placement will be screened to ensure it meets academic standards as a learning experience, you will have the support of a faculty member, and you will earn credits towards your degree. Either way it’s a good idea to complete an internship!

I don’t feel very confident; how do I know if my skills are good enough?

Most of the pre-approved (**) placements welcome a range of student abilities. If you want to hone your skills further before doing an internship, take one of our skill-building, experiential learning or service-learning courses that will give you a chance to practice.

Do I have to have a car?

Most pre-approved (**) placements are local and easily accessed via UMass Lowell shuttle and walking.

What are the course assignments?

Two writing assignments, periodic on-line check-ins and reflections (on course website), one or two face-to-face class meetings at a mutually convenient time t.b.d., plus your weekly hours.