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Internship Placements

The UMass Lowell English Department pre-approved internships are designed to provide students with a high-quality educational experience and are terrific opportunities for your learning and career development.

Our department-sponsored internship placements are almost all with local non-profit organizations and all are unpaid. These positions offer:

  • skill-building opportunities
  • networking with professionals
  • experimenting with different career paths
  • giving back to the community

These internships are screened carefully, so the work you complete should be meaningful and the networking and skill building for your career well worth the effort. All of the placements are eligible for either 1 or 3 practicum credits, though not all of these have to be taken for course credit.

Most internships require 10 +/- hours a week, though that number can vary, especially if you do not choose to earn practicum credits for the internships. Some summer internships may require more hours per week. Some of the placements require interns to be on site for all of their hours, and some allow interns to complete some work on their own at home or on campus. Internships taken for 3 credits of the practicum require a minimum of 120 hours.

Please note that only placements with the double asterisk (**) are pre-approved and English Department sponsored. The other listings are examples of placements past students have found on their own.

Please contact English Dept. Internship Coordinator, Diana Archibald, for more information: or 978-934-4199.