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School of Criminology and Justice Studies

113 Wilder Street, Suite 400
Lowell, MA 01854-3060
Main Phone: 978-934-4139 

Fax: 978-934-3077

Sheldon Zhang 

Phone: 978-934-4160

James Byrne

Associate Chair
Phone: 978-934-3992

April Pattavina

Ph.D. Program Director
Phone: 978-934-4145

Wilson Palacios

Master's Program Coordinator
Phone: 978-934-6844

Arie Perliger

Security Studies Program Director
Phone: 978-934-4268

Angela Callahan
Undergraduate Student Advising Coordinator
Phone: 978-934-4139 

Karen Mullins
Graduate Student Service Coordinator
Phone: 978-934-4106

Eika Hunt
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 978-934-4107

Graduate Office
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