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Criminology and Justice Studies

The Influence of Neighborhood Characteristics on Recidivism

Kelly M. Socia, Ph.D.  and Janet P. Stamatel, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky)

This is a series of individual studies that examine the influences of neighborhood characteristics on the recidivism of former offenders. Much of the existing data collected for this study involves previously convicted sex offenders who are living in the community follow incarceration, although it is hoped to expand this data to include other types of ex-offenders in the future. The scope of this project is fairly diverse, with potential data sources including locations such as Chicago, Texas, New York, and New Mexico. Methods used in these studies include multi-level regression modeling, cross-sectional time-series models, and multivariate spatial regression models.  One study from this project has been published (with Janet P. Stamatel) in Crime and Delinquency, and there are a couple of other studies at varying stages of development.