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Current Funded Research

The UMass Lowell School of Criminology and Justice Studies maintains a robust and vibrant interdisciplinary research enterprise. Faculty in the School of Criminology & Justice Studies have been successful in obtaining an additional $6 million in research grants this year. 

Our research is fundamentally applied in its orientation, addressing vital questions related to public policy and criminal justice practice. Current research projects span a broad range of domains, including juvenile justice, policing, terrorism and security, institutional and community-based corrections, and crime prevention. Funders for recent faculty research projects include: the Minerva Research Initiative, the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the United Kingdom ministry of Defense. 

Journals edited by our faculty:                                                                    

View Past Research Projects

Andrew HarrisInformation Sharing and the Role of Sex Offender Registration and NotificationPI2015/2019$1,000,000$1,000,000NIJ
Christopher HarrisPolice Early Intervention Systems: The State of the ArtCo-PI2013/2017$486,485$57,611NIJ
Local Action Research Partner for the Shannon Community Safety InitiativeResearch Partner2017$49,988$49,988Mass Gov
Local Action Research Partner for the Shannon Community Safety Initiative (proposal in progress)Research Partner2018$63,906$63,906Mass Gov
Melissa MorabitoCity of Lowell/The best way out is always through: LEAD ME EvaluationCo-PI2017/2018$75,000$37,469BJA
Boston Police/BEST Collaborative Response Expansion to Serve Persons with Mental IllnessCo-PI2016/2018$200,000$12,244BJA
Decision making in sexual assault cases: Replication research on sexual violence case attrition in the USPI2013/2018$1,688,108$1,109,622NIJ
Wilson PalaciosCity of Lowell Prescription Drug Monitoring ProgramCo-PI2017/2019$567,440$105,000BJA
City of Lowell Smart Policing InitiativeCo-PI2017/2019$700,000$110,000BJA
April PattavinaDesigning an Integrated Mobile Application and Case Management Tool to Promote Behavioral Change in Criminal Populations Supervised in the CommunityApril Pattavina (PI), Ronald Corbett (co-PI)2017$99,408$99,408NSF
"Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus: A National Assessment and Systematic Classification of Scope and Challenges for Investigation and Adjudication"PI2016$555,677$65,227NIJ
UTEC - Community Reentry for Young AdultsUTEC PI/Pattavina (Research Partner PI) and Kimberly Kras (Co-PI)2017$1,000,000$130,068BJA
Arie Perliger"Becoming a Domestic Terrorist: Modeling the Critical Role of Emotions in Decision-Making and Radicalization (proposal under review)"Co-PI2018/2019$687,008$687,008NIJ
"Facilitating Policy Solutions by Exploring the Contextual Nature of the Settlements in the West Bank (proposal under review)"PI2017/2018$26,295$26,295Samuel Rubin Foundation
Ryan Shields"Evaluating Criminal and Juvenile Justice Responses to Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth: How Safe Harbor Impacts Youth Perceptions and Outcomes (proposal under review)"PI2018/2020$552,938$175,351NIJ
Neil Shortland"Seizing Optimum Opportunities for Action: Goal Conflict and Decision Inertia in Military Operations"Co-PI2017/2020$531,496$198,354DOD
"Hearts, minds and counter-messages: An experimental test of personality on reactions to extremist propaganda and counter-extremist messages"PI2016/2017$8,400$8,400Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society
"Bio-Markers and Counter-Messages: Measuring Individual Differences in the Influence of Extremist Propaganda and Counter-Messages (proposal under review)"Neil Shortland (PI), Arie Perliger (Co-PI), Jill Portnoy2018/2020$794,181$494,988DOD
Sheldon Zhang"An outcome evaluation and case study of an anti-sex trafficking program in Bangalore, India (PI: Meredith Dank, John Jay)"Co-PI2017/2018$104,757$37,191Justice & Care
"Understanding and Measuring Bias Victimization against Latinos (PI: Carlos Cuevas, NEU)"Local PI (San Diego)2017/2020$558,575$100,000NIJ (2016-V3-GX-0001)
"Longitudinal evaluation of victimization against Latinos (LEVEL): An extension of the Bias Victimization Study (PI: Carlos Cuevas, NEU)"Local PI (San Diego)2017/2020$725,999$100,000NIJ (2017-VF-GX-0005 )
"An Exploratory Study of Labor Trafficking Among U.S. Citizen Victims (PI: Meredith Dank, John Jay)"Co-PI2017/2020$873,508$199,719NIJ (2017-VT-BX-0002 )