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Current Funded Research

The UMass Lowell School of Criminology and Justice Studies maintains a robust and vibrant interdisciplinary research enterprise. Faculty in the School of Criminology & Justice Studies have been successful in obtaining an additional $6 million in research grants this year. 

Our research is fundamentally applied in its orientation, addressing vital questions related to public policy and criminal justice practice. Current research projects span a broad range of domains, including juvenile justice, policing, terrorism and security, institutional and community-based corrections, and crime prevention. Funders for recent faculty research projects include: the Minerva Research Initiative, the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the United Kingdom ministry of Defense. 

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Global Community Corrections Initiative - James Byrne

It is estimated that there are currently over 10.2 million individuals incarcerated in prisons around the world today, and if the reports on the number of offenders in pre-trial or administrative detention in China and North Korea are accurate, the world prison population total is actually over 11 million. Despite increasing documentation of the utilization of prison-based sanctions around the world, we also need to know how alternatives to incarceration have been utilized globally. This knowledge gap begs numerous questions: How many offenders are placed in community corrections systems around the globe? What are the key design features of these community corrections systems? And what do we know about the effectiveness of community corrections? The Global Community Corrections Initiative will provide answers to these questions.

Global Community Corrections Initiative Website

Andrew HarrisInformation Sharing and the Role of Sex Offender Registration and NotificationPI2015/2019$1,000,000$1,000,000NIJ
Christopher HarrisPolice Early Intervention Systems: The State of the ArtCo-PI2013/2017$486,485$57,611NIJ
Local Action Research Partner for the Shannon Community Safety InitiativeResearch Partner2017$49,988$49,988Mass Gov
Local Action Research Partner for the Shannon Community Safety Initiative (proposal in progress)Research Partner2018$63,906$63,906Mass Gov
Melissa MorabitoCity of Lowell/The best way out is always through: LEAD ME EvaluationCo-PI2017/2018$75,000$37,469BJA
Boston Police/BEST Collaborative Response Expansion to Serve Persons with Mental IllnessCo-PI2016/2018$200,000$12,244BJA
Decision making in sexual assault cases: Replication research on sexual violence case attrition in the USPI2013/2018$1,688,108$1,109,622NIJ
Wilson PalaciosCity of Lowell Prescription Drug Monitoring ProgramCo-PI2017/2019$567,440$105,000BJA
City of Lowell Smart Policing InitiativeCo-PI2017/2019$700,000$110,000BJA
April PattavinaDesigning an Integrated Mobile Application and Case Management Tool to Promote Behavioral Change in Criminal Populations Supervised in the CommunityApril Pattavina (PI), Ronald Corbett (co-PI)2017$99,408$99,408NSF
"Responding to Sexual Assault on Campus: A National Assessment and Systematic Classification of Scope and Challenges for Investigation and Adjudication"PI2016$555,677$65,227NIJ
UTEC - Community Reentry for Young AdultsUTEC PI/Pattavina (Research Partner PI) and Kimberly Kras (Co-PI)2017$1,000,000$130,068BJA
Arie Perliger"Becoming a Domestic Terrorist: Modeling the Critical Role of Emotions in Decision-Making and Radicalization (proposal under review)"Co-PI2018/2019$687,008$687,008NIJ
"Facilitating Policy Solutions by Exploring the Contextual Nature of the Settlements in the West Bank (proposal under review)"PI2017/2018$26,295$26,295Samuel Rubin Foundation
Ryan Shields"Evaluating Criminal and Juvenile Justice Responses to Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth: How Safe Harbor Impacts Youth Perceptions and Outcomes (proposal under review)"PI2018/2020$552,938$175,351NIJ
Neil Shortland"Seizing Optimum Opportunities for Action: Goal Conflict and Decision Inertia in Military Operations"Co-PI2017/2020$531,496$198,354DOD
"Hearts, minds and counter-messages: An experimental test of personality on reactions to extremist propaganda and counter-extremist messages"PI2016/2017$8,400$8,400Canadian Network for Research on Terrorism, Security and Society
"Bio-Markers and Counter-Messages: Measuring Individual Differences in the Influence of Extremist Propaganda and Counter-Messages (proposal under review)"Neil Shortland (PI), Arie Perliger (Co-PI), Jill Portnoy2018/2020$794,181$494,988DOD
Sheldon Zhang"An outcome evaluation and case study of an anti-sex trafficking program in Bangalore, India (PI: Meredith Dank, John Jay)"Co-PI2017/2018$104,757$37,191Justice & Care
"Understanding and Measuring Bias Victimization against Latinos (PI: Carlos Cuevas, NEU)"Local PI (San Diego)2017/2020$558,575$100,000NIJ (2016-V3-GX-0001)
"Longitudinal evaluation of victimization against Latinos (LEVEL): An extension of the Bias Victimization Study (PI: Carlos Cuevas, NEU)"Local PI (San Diego)2017/2020$725,999$100,000NIJ (2017-VF-GX-0005 )
"An Exploratory Study of Labor Trafficking Among U.S. Citizen Victims (PI: Meredith Dank, John Jay)"Co-PI2017/2020$873,508$199,719NIJ (2017-VT-BX-0002 )