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Graduate Programs in Plastics Engineering


The Department of Plastics Engineering offers the following graduate programs:

Master of Science in Plastics Engineering

This graduate program offers professional training at the master's level designed to provide the opportunity for the study of more advanced theory and practice in plastics materials, design, and manufacturing. The department offers graduate training in the areas of rubber and elastomer technology, medical plastics, coatings and adhesives. The graduate programs are also designed to broaden the background of experienced professionals to help them keep up with the latest fundamental developments in the field.

The Department of Plastics Engineering has recently restructured its M.S.E. degree program to offer both a "Thesis Option" and a "Non-Thesis Option." Most students opt for the 30 credit hour thesis option, which requires that the student perform supervised research, prepare a written thesis manuscript, and defend the work during an oral presentation. A 33 credit hour non-thesis M.S.E. is also available. The program is intended primarily for part-time graduate students working full time jobs as practicing engineers.

Please follow the link below to the graduate course catalog for detailed requirements for the M.S.E. in Plastics Engineering program.

Doctor of Philosophy in Plastics Engineering

The Doctor of Philosophy program in Plastics Engineering is designed to produce qualified professionals for technical management positions in the plastics industry, as well as for administrative positions in government and for teaching careers in colleges and universities.

The goal of the Doctor of Philosophy program is to develop decision-making engineers with sound theoretical and technical research knowledge who are design and development oriented and who also have a firm background in engineering management. This interdisciplinary program encompasses study in materials, design, processing, mathematics, computer science, and management.

Please follow the link below to the graduate course catalog for detailed requirements for the Ph.D. in Plastics Engineering program.

Ph.D. in Polymer Science with an Option in Plastics Engineering

A doctoral program in chemistry with an option in Polymer Science/Plastics Engineering is offered jointly with the Polymer Science group in the Department of Chemistry. The program is designed to provide the student with a background in advanced course work and laboratory techniques which will prepare him of her to carry out, under the guidance of experienced scientists, an original, independent investigation leading to an acceptable contribution to the body of contemporary knowledge.

Graduate Master's Co-op

This Engineering Department participates in the Graduate Master's Co-op Option in Engineering. For detailed information about the Master's Co-op Program, additional eligibility criteria, curriculum requirements, important dates, and application process, please see theĀ Graduate Catalog Engineering Co-op page.

Visit Graduate Admissions for more information.