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Faculty by Research Area

  • Peter Avitabile
    Professor Emeritus, Co-Director - Structural Dynamics & Acoustic Systems Laboratory

    Modal Analysis, Analytical and Experimental Structural Dynamics

  • Zhu Mao
    Associate Professor

    Structural Health Monitoring, Uncertainty Quantification, Time Series Analysis, Surrogate Modeling, Haptic Decision-Making, Intelligent Infrastructure and Sustainability

  • Christopher Niezrecki
    Chair - Mechanical Engineering, Professor, Director - Center for Wind Energy, Co-director - Structural Dynamics & Acoustic Systems Laboratory, Co-director – Rist Institute for Sustainability and Energy

    Renewable energy systems, wind turbine dynamics, structural dynamic and acoustic systems, smart structures, signal processing, optical sensing, structural health monitoring, non-destructive inspection, and smart materials

  • Robert Parkin

    Solar Energy, Assistive Technologies, Robotics, Manufacturing Theory

  • David Claudio
    Associate Professor

    Healthcare Engineering, Human Factors, Operations Management, Lean Healthcare, Decision-Making, Predictive Modeling, Engineering Education, and Community-Based Participatory Research.

  • Yan Gu, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Scientific Lead in Locomotion and Control, NERVE Center

    Nonlinear control, hybrid systems, legged robots, exoskeletons, human biomechanical modeling

  • Murat Inalpolat
    Associate Chair for Doctoral Studies, Associate Professor

    Structural health monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics, damage detection, structural dynamics, acoustics, signal processing, mechanical design and nonlinear dynamics

  • Kshitij Jerath
    Assistant Professor

    Self-organized dynamics in complex systems, Multi-agent systems, Connected and autonomous vehicles, System reliability and prognostics, Robotic ensembles

  • Kelilah Wolkowicz, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor

    Biomedical Robotics, Connected Healthcare, Biomedical/Rehabilitative/Assistive Device Design and Control, Biosignal Interfaces, Applied Linear/Nonlinear Control and Estimation

  • Ertan Agar
    Assistant Professor

    Electrochemical energy conversion and storage, mass/charge transport phenomena, electrochemical reaction kinetics, flowable slurry electrodes.

  • Fuqiang Liu
    Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Master’s Studies

    Electrochemical energy generation and storage, Solar energy conversion through photo-electrochemical reactions, Ion-conductive membranes for electrochemical systems, Nanostructured materials, CFD simulation of energy conversion devices

  • Hunter (John) Mack
    Associate Professor

    Combustion, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Internal Combustion Engines

  • John McKelliget
    Professor Emeritus

    Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Plasma Processing

  • Juan Trelles
    Associate Professor, Director of the Renewable Energy Engineering Program

    Sustainable energy engineering, solar energy processing, plasma science & engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, radiation transport, computational transport phenomena

  • David Willis
    Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies

    Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Jasmina Burek
    Assistant Professor

    Applying engineering and decision-making models to find solutions to climate change and environmental problems, energy and process modeling, multi-objective optimization, sustainability, system modeling and optimization for energy resilience, life cycle assessment (LCA), techno-economic analysis (TEA), climate smart housing, food insecurity in the cold supply chain, and handprint assessment.

  • Maria Carreon
    Assistant Professor

    Rational design of nanomaterials for functional applications; Plasma catalysis and interaction mechanisms between plasma, molten metals and porous materials; Growth mechanisms of nanowires; Porous crystalline membranes for chemical separations.

  • Majid Charmchi
    Professor Emeritus

    Heat and Mass Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Xinfang Jin
    Assistant Professor

    Thermal Fluid, Transport Phenomenon, Energy Storage and Conversion, Experiment and Model Coupling, Multiphysics/Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, Reduced Order Model

  • Jan Kosny, Ph.D.
    Research Professor, Director - Building Energy Efficiency and Temperature Control Materials Laboratory, Co-Director - Photovoltaic Prototyping and Testing Laboratory

    Heat and Mass Transport in Porous Media, Phase Change Processes, Nano-Porous Thermal Insulation and Radiation Control Technologies, Thermal Storage, Building Physics, Building Integrated Solar Technologies, Building Energy Efficiency, Building Envelope Materials and Systems

  • Noah Van Dam
    Assistant Professor

    Multi-phase/reacting flows, Combustion, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Lagrangian-Eulerian methods, Verification, validation, uncertainty quantification (VVUQ), Machine learning, Internal combustion engines, Energy conversion devices