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Hunter Mack

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John Hunter MackAssistant Professor
  • CollegeFrancis College of Engineering
  • DepartmentMechanical Engineering


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  • Kessler, T., Sacia, E.R., Bell, A.T., Mack, J.H. () "Artificial Neural Network Based Predictions of Cetane Number for Furanic Biofuels," Fuel
  • Shahsavan, M., Mack, J.H. () "Numerical Study of a Boosted HCCI Engine Fueled with Butanol Isomers," Energy Conversion & Management
  • Shahsavan, M., Mack, J.H. (2017) "The Effect of Heavy Working Fluids on Hydrogen Combustion," 10th US National Combustion Meeting
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  • Kessler, T., Sacia, E.R., Bell, A.T., Mack, J.H. (2016) "Predicting the Cetane Number of Furanic Biofuel Candidates Using an Improved Artificial Neural Network Based on Molecular Structure," pp. V001T02A010–V001T02A010
  • Wang, Z., Chen, X., Huang, S., Chen, Y., Mack, J.H., Tang, J., Li, L., Huang, R. (2016) "Visualization study for the effects of oxygen concentration on combustion characteristics of water-emulsified diesel.," Fuel 177: pp. 226 - 234