Electrical and Computer Engineering student working with a laptop, unknown equipment and what appears to be a windmill.

5 Year Combined B.S./M.S.

Electrical and Computer Engineering student working with unknown equipment and batteries.

An Accelerated Path to a Promising Career

Outstanding undergraduate students may pursue a combined B.S./M.S. degree in either electrical or computer engineering, achieving both degrees by the fifth year of study. If all the requirements of the ECE Department and Graduate School are met, students will receive either a B.S. Eng in EE or B.S. Eng in CpE at the end of the fourth year and a master's degree by the end of the fifth year.

To complete the work for both degrees within five years, students must make a commitment to the B.S. Eng. / M.S. Eng. program before the end of their junior year and must take two 500-level graduate courses as their technical electives in their senior year. If the grades in these courses are "B" or better, they will count toward the M.S. Eng as well as the B.S. Eng. degrees.

A principal benefit of the early identification of academic goals by the student and advisor is a careful structuring of course work that permits the scheduling of prerequisites and required courses in sequence, thus saving a considerable amount of time.