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Giving to UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell is on the verge of greatness. Your help in reaching this potential is needed now more than ever.

The university is poised to take advantage of its many strengths — in advancing new technologies, promoting sustainable development and stimulating economic opportunities. But today's public universities cannot rely on state funding and tuition alone. For us to continue to provide quality, affordable education, and also reach our full potential as a world-class institution, we must find creative, new ways to underwrite this mission. We need critical financial support from alumni, friends, foundations and corporations, or we risk missing real opportunities.

UMass Lowell is launching its first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, Our Legacy, Our Place. Our goal is to raise $125 million by 2020 and to help UMass Lowell takes its place among the best public universities in the world. Help us make history.