The chancellor leads the campus in fulfilling its state-mandated mission of education, research and service to the region. The three-part mission is aimed at marshaling the resources of the campus for the economic, social and environmental vitality of the state by producing an educated and creative work force; generating the innovation that leads to the creation of new firms and new jobs for that work force; and addressing the social needs that are critical for a healthy community.

The chancellor ensures that all members of the university community – faculty, researchers, administrators, staff and students – work together to promote the mission. The chancellor provides vision, gathers and manages resources, and creates the partnerships – both on and off campus – that spark creative solutions to the challenges faced by our community.

The chancellor works in close collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Trustees, the University of Massachusetts President's Office, the UMass Lowell faculty, staff and students as well as community leaders in government, business, education and the nonprofit sector to ensure that the campus is a vital and engaged partner, an effective  leader and a responsible steward of the state's mission for public higher education.