Clinical Laboratory Sciences Minor

Students interested in the Clinical Laboratory Sciences minor offered by the Department of Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences must first obtain the authorization of the department.

The minor in Clinical Laboratory Sciences consists of 21 credits.

Required Courses (15 credits)

  • HSCI.1020/BIOL.2520 Human Anatomy and Physiology II / Physiology
  • HSCI.3500 Human Biochemistry
  • BMSC.3100 Introduction to Laboratory Research
  • MLSC.3630 Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Choose one from the following:
    • HSCI.2520/2540 Physiological Chemistry II & Lab
    • CHEM.1220/1240L Chemistry II & Lab

Choose two from the following (6 credits):

  • BMSC.4110 OMICS: Essentials and Applications
  • HSCI.4350 Medical and Clinical Genetics
  • MLSC.3310/BIOL.4930 Clinical Immunology / Immunology
  • MLSC.3510 Clinical Chemistry I
  • PHRM.3200 Molecular Pharmacology

For more information, contact the Department of Biomedical & Nutritional Sciences.