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Promotion & Tenure

The Office of the Provost manages the promotion and tenure procedures in accord with the MSP contract. 

Below are guidelines for preparing the dossiers for tenure and for promotion for tenured associate professors and teaching faculty. We encourage each faculty member to work closely with their department chair and dean to plan each step along the path to promotion. Faulty can also take advantage of the Launch@UML program, Career Mapping and Enlightened Bites Lunch Series, as well as other campus workshops, to assist you as you prepare promotion and/or tenure application materials. The Office of the Provost sponsors a listening session with assistant professors each Fall to facilitate discussion about this process, and each Spring sponsors additional workshops to discuss the process and the preparation of materials.

Provost's Annual Promotion and Tenure Workshops

Registration is now open for the Provost’s Annual Promotion and Tenure Workshops for the 2019-2020 cycle. Please note that this year, the workshop for tenure-track faculty has been moved to an earlier date in order to support the external letter process.

Register Online

Log in with your UMass Lowell credentials. If you have any questions, please email:

Provost’s Promotion and Tenure Workshop for Tenure-Track Faculty

Provost’s Promotion Workshop for Teaching and Clinical Faculty

Workshop dates for Preparing and Submitting 2019-2020 Electronic Promotion and/or Tenure Materials will be announced soon on Faculty Today @UMass Lowell and on this website.

Promotion & Tenure Resources

Please note: the updated 2019-20 calendar, Provost's guidelines for tenure track faculty and other resources pertaining to the tenure track faculty process will be posted here after the Provost's Workshop on April 12; guidelines for Teaching and Clinical Faculty will be posted after the Provost's Workshop on May 13.

Promotion & Tenure Resources: 2018-2019 application cycle

The Promotion and Tenure policies and procedures are maintained by the Provost Office.

The following resources are available to help you construct your portfolio and connect to the P&T file share for 2018-19, if applicable.

Please note: resources for the 2019-2020 cycle will be posted following the Provost’s Workshops.