"Waterpower: Powering a Revolution" Virtual Field Trip

Program Description

Explore how Lowell's many integrated systems, including waterwheels and turbines, transformed the potential energy of the Merrimack River into kinetic energy that ran the machines. Through a series of investigations led by one of our educators, students generate hypotheses and analyze data to determine the most efficient ways to distribute energy to all the mills' machines


Physical science, engineering


Waterpower, canals, systems, potential and kinetic energy

Massachusetts History and Science Framework Connections

Grade 7
Physical Science: MS-PS3-5.
Present evidence to support the claim that when the kinetic energy of an object changes, energy is transferred to or from the object.
Technological Systems: MS-ETS3-4 (MA).
Show how the components of a structural system work together to serve a structural function.

Power to Production



Student # limit


Program duration

45-50 minutes

Program format/software platform

Classroom, home, and hybrid options are available. 

The classroom version requires individual computers (with headphones) or a computer and projector/smart board. Home versions require each student to have their own computer or tablet. 

All programs require Zoom software. We will provide a passcode-protected link to share.

Suggested pre-program activities

"Lowell: The Continuing Revolution" Video

Suggested post-program activities

Ball Drop: A Potential/Kinetic Energy Experiment

Reservation details

The cost is $125.00 per program. 

Call us at 978-970-5080 to reserve your program date and time.