River as a Classroom

All of our programs have been reviewed to ensure their relevance to state and national standards. (See Education Program descriptions.)

River as a Classroom

Massachusetts State Standards

Grade 5 – Science

Earth Systems

  • 5-ESS2-1. Use a model to describe the cycling of water through a watershed through … precipitation, absorption, surface runoff … 
  • Earth and Human Activity
  • 5-ESS3-1. Obtain and combine information about ways communities reduce human impact on the Earth’s resources and environment by changing an agricultural, industrial, or community practice or process.
  • 5-ESS3-2(MA). Test a simple system designed to filter particulates out of water and propose one change to the design to improve it

New Hampshire State Standards

Grades 6-8 – Science

  • S:ESS1:6:7.1 Describe how water flows into and through a watershed, falling on the land, collecting in rivers and lakes, soil, and porous layers of rock, until much of it flows back into the ocean
  • S:LS2:8:1.1 Explain how changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of individual organisms and an entire species
  • S:LS3:8:1.1 Describe the type of impact certain environmental changes, including deforestation, invasive species, increased erosion, and pollution containing toxic substances, could have on local environments


The Tsongas Industrial History Center is an education partnership between the University of Massachusetts Lowell School of Education and the National Park Service at Lowell National Historical Park.

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