"Engineering a Better Future" Virtual FIeld Trip

Program Description

Crushed fingers, broken legs, cuts and bruises … these were just some of the injuries suffered by 19th-century mill workers as they operated large, dangerous machines. Students will examine the Boott Cotton Mills’ looms and apply the engineering design process to identify safety problems and propose possible solutions. After collaborating with classmates to engage their creativity, students will design a safer loom by applying modern solutions to a historical problem.

Loom drawing template (pdf) required for virtual field trip activity (one per student).




Engineering, Industrial Revolution

Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Frameworks Connections

Grade 3: Technology/Engineering ETS1. Engineering Design

3.3-5-ETS1-2. Generate several possible solutions to a given design problem. Compare each solution based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the design problem.

Grade 4: Technology/Engineering

ETS1. Engineering Design
4.3-5-ETS1-5(MA). Evaluate relevant design features that must be considered in building a model or prototype of a solution to a given design problem.

Grade 5: Technology/Engineering

ETS3. Technological Systems

5.3-5-ETS3-1(MA). Use informational text to provide examples of improvements to existing technologies (innovations) and the development of new technologies (inventions). Recognize that technology is any modification of the natural or designed world done to fulfill human needs or wants. 

Engineer It!



Student # limit


Program duration

45 minutes

Program format/software platform

Classroom, home, and hybrid options are available. The classroom version requires individual computers (with headphones) or a computer and projector/smart-board. Home versions require each student to have their own computer or tablet. All programs require Zoom software. We will provide a passcode-protected link to share.

Suggested pre-program activities

Introduction to the Engineering Design Process (This link goes to PBS Learning Media.)

Suggested post-program activities

Innovate It!

Reservations details

The cost will be $125.00 per program. Call us at 978-970-5080 to reserve your program date and time.