Ellen Nichols

Ellen Nichols

Coordinator of Transfer Initiatives

Academic Affairs, Transfer Alliance Program
University Crossing 4thFloor


Transfer Programs

Research Interests

Children's Literature, Biblical Studies, Teaching of Composition, Higher Education Administration


Attended Sacramento City College (CA)
B.A. University of the Pacific (CA)
M.A. California State University, Bakersfield (CA)
Additional credits: California State University, Sacramento; Alan Hancock College;Regent College (B.C., Canada); San Diego State University; University of California, San Diego; University of Massachusetts Amherst


After starting college at Sacramento City College, I transferred to the University of the Pacific with a full tuition scholarship and a major in speech pathology.  However, I decided that was not the right career path for me, so a spent a year in a master's program in counseling.  
But again, I felt it was not the right career fit.  I began working at a community college as an English tutor and felt I had finally found the right spot for me.  I earned a master's degree in English and happily began teaching at a community college.  I finally felt right at home.
Now, after a career in community college teaching and administration, I am excited be a part of the team working with transfer students as they come into UMass Lowell.