National Guard, active-duty military and reserves may be eligible for this benefit.

Basic Procedure for any student participating in the Military Tuition Assistance Plan:

  • All Students are responsible for obtaining the correct forms, filling in all information and obtaining the appropriate education officers' signatures 
  • All tuition assistance forms must be handed in to The Solution Center
  • Tuition assistance is handled through Student Financial Services as third party billing

Tuition Assistance Military forms:

  • DA2171E – National Guard 
  • AF1227 – Air Force 
  • DD1558 – Marines 

Pertinent Information that needs to be filled out, includes:

  • Student information (section 1)
  • School information (section 2)
  • All course information for each course to be taken (section 3 a-h)
  • Dollar amount paid by military/dollar amount paid by soldier (section 3 j&k)
  • Commanding officer signature (section 4)
  • Signature of education officer (section 5 a,b,c&d)
  • Control number (top right hand corner)
  • Cover letter from education officer to accompany form 2171 or 1227

Military Contact Information:

Army National Guard
National Guard Headquarters
50 Maple Street
Milford, MA 01757
Tuition Assistance Mgr.
2LT Brian McNeil
(508) 233-6762

Air National Guard*
Education Offices – Massachusetts: 
Otis AFB – 508-968-4189 
Barnes AFB – 413-568-9151 x1224 
Milford - 888-301-3103 x6543
*Student needs to be full-time active duty

Active Duty Military
Hanscom Education Office 
Education Services Officer 
Gail Meyer 781-377-5903

*Out-of-state students: please contact your education officer on base or at your unit.

UMass/Lowell Contact Information:

Student Financial Services/3rd party billing
Phone: 978-934-3570 
Fax: 978-934-3057