Member Application Instructions

Membership in ODK is granted on individual merit and accomplishment. To assist the selection committee in viewing your application in the best light possible, please consider the following tips!

  1. Fill out your application form as completely as possible
  2. If you print the information make sure it is as legible as possible
  3. Local Phone number should be the best number to reach you on a regular basis
  4. We must have your overall GPA. You can find your most up-to-date cumulative GPA by going to your SIS account and clicking Academic Records>View My Grades>Most Current Term
  5. As you complete each section be sure to indicate what positions you may have held in an organization (i.e. President, Secretary, committee chair or member) and how long you were involved (i.e. September 2017-May 2019 or Dean’s List Honors, Spring 2017, Fall 2018, Spring 2019 or Hockey Intramural Team Captain, Spring 2019). Please provide participation level and length of service

The following is intended as a guide to help in your listing of accomplishments. It is not an all-inclusive list.


  • Authored and delivered paper to the state, regional, or national professional organization in the students’ major area
  • Authored a short story, poetry, play, or scholarly article published in a national professional journal or national circulated magazine
  • Authored and delivered paper to an academic group other than a professional organization or association (independent of academics requirements)
  • Authored a short story, poetry, play, or scholarly article published in a state professional journal or magazine of limited circulation
  • Academic Tutor
  • Assisted a faculty member in a significant way through direct involvement in a faculty research project
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship
  • Research Symposium participant
  • Dean’s List
  • UMass Lowell Scholarship
  • Member and/or officer of Academic Honor Society

Athletics / Intramurals / Sports Club (per sport)

  • Varsity Team Captain
  • All American recognition
  • All Tournament/All Conference recognition
  • Participate in varsity sport (per season)
  • Club Sport member and/or officer
  • Team MVP
  • Team Manager
  • Student Athletic Trainer
  • Rec Center Student Supervisor
  • Intramural sport member and/or officer
  • All academic recognition
  • Student Athletic Advisor Committee member and/or Chair

Campus or Community Services, Social Services, and Campus Governance

Student Activities (per organization applicable)

  • President of Student Government Association (SGA)
  • ACE Chair
  • Student Trustee
  • Student Government Association VP/Exec board
  • ACE Board Executive
  • President of Club or Organization
  • Parent or Student Orientation Coordinator
  • Parent or Student Orientation Student Leader
  • Resident Advisor or First Year Resource Educator
  • Class Officer
  • Member of campus-wide committee/task force
  • SGA Senator
  • Major Officer of a club/Organization
  • Residence Hall Association
  • Member of any club or organization

Campus or Community Service

  • Director, EMS
  • EMS member
  • Admissions Tour Guide
  • Open House Volunteer
  • Student supervisor
  • Community and/or social service
  • Peer advisor/mentor
  • College Ambassador
  • Student Alumni Ambassador

Journalism / Speech / Mass Media

  • Editor or Co-Editor of the Connector
  • Co-Editor of the Offering
  • WUML General Manager
  • Section editor or columnist for The Connector
  • WUML disc jockey (DJ)
  • WUML intern

Creative and Performing Arts


  • Director of all or part of a major production by large ensemble
  • Director of all or part of a major production small ensemble
  • Write or arrange original composition or piece which is published and/or performed publicly
  • State, Regional, or National Competition Winner
  • Perform as a soloist in a major production
  • Club related officer
  • Service as accompanist for at least ½ of major production
  • Direct part of a minor production by large ensemble
  • Direct part of a production by small ensemble
  • Perform in any production by large or small ensemble
  • Chorale member
  • Campus Band member


  • Off Broadway Players, Executive Board
  • Director of a major production
  • Assistant Director, Tech Director, Assistant Tech Director, Stage Manager of major production
  • Major role in a major production
  • Author of play published or performed publically
  • Off Broadway Players member
  • Scenic, lightning, or costume design for major production
  • Supporting role in a major production
  • Crew Chief
  • Stage Crew


  • Direct a major or minor exhibit
  • Artist for a one-person show
  • Prize winner or participant in a national regional show
  • Graphic design work/Advertising (internal or external)
  • Work on display in an art show
  • Artist of a significant entry in a multi-artist show
  • Prize winner or participant in a state-wide show