Welcome all. UMLCS understands that transgender and gender non-binary students often come to college with specific needs, challenges and life experiences related to their gender experience that may be different than other students. We also know that just because someone is transgender or has a gender identity outside the binary does not mean that they are mentally ill or that they necessarily need mental health support. Transgender and gender non-binary students may access UMLCS for reasons related to their gender or not, but all reasons to access free and confidential individual and group counseling are valid.

Common Challenges that Transgender and Non-Binary Students May Experience:

  • Struggling with financial difficulties, homelessness or food insecurity
  • Having a difficult time finding gender appropriate bathrooms on or off campus
  • Struggling with a mental health concern like depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc
  • Feeling ostracized by the political landscape and would like to vent or get support
  • Noticing places on campus where your gender it not represented and you would like to talk to someone about this
  • Experiencing tension and/or harassment from another due to your gender identity
  • Experiencing confusion about your gender identity
  • Feeling at odds with social gender messages
  • You are a transgender/gender non-binary person of color and are experiencing multiple forms of oppression
  • Trying to accept/understand another's gender and want to talk to someone who is open and nonjudgmental
  • You have a transgender or gender non-binary parent(s) and are concerned about establishing relationships with people who will accept your family's diversity
  • You are comfortable with your gender and want to address other issues with a therapist who is equally comfortable

Resources for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Students