Bias Incident Response Protocol

The University of Massachusetts Lowell strives to provide an educational, working and living environment that welcomes and respects all people. All of us are expected to commit to maintaining a safe, respectful, inclusive and welcoming community. Acts that are an affront to the core values of the institution destroy the sense of community we all share. Additionally, acts of intolerance do untold and unjust harm to the well-being, dignity and safety of those who are victimized by these acts.


The Response Protocol developed by the Bias Incident Response Team delineates a coordinated approach to bias-motivated situations involving members of the campus community. (BIRT) members receive sensitive information on a need-to-know basis, assess the circumstances of the reported incident, and assist in creating and implementing an appropriate campus community response. BIRT keeps the campus community appropriately informed of the resolution of the reported bias incident. The objectives of the Bias Incident Response Protocol are to:

  1. Respond to bias incidents in a timely and coordinated manner
  2. Support the well-being of the campus community by ensuring all participants are welcomed, valued and respected
  3. Offer campus members a convenient and efficient means to report bias incidents
  4. Document and monitor all bias incidents
  5. Engage our community in an effort to create a safe and inclusive community environment

More information:

Report A Bias Incident

Were you involved with or witness to an incident that needs to be reported?

Report A Concern Online

To file a formal complaint:
Contact Equal Opportunity & Outreach  
Wannalancit, Room 301

Download Bias Incident Response Team & Protocol (pdf)