In This Issue

  • David Ryan and student in lab

    Science to the Rescue

    Researchers from the Kennedy College of Sciences are taking on one of our planet’s biggest threats: climate change.
  • Xinwen Fu, left, and undergraduate student Chukpozohn Erastus Toe conduct cybersecurity research

    Digital Defense

    UMass Lowell has been devoting more resources to expanding its cybersecurity research and education programs to help defend and secure the country’s critical information systems and networks.
  • Chemistry Prof. Yuyu Sun, left, and Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences Assoc. Prof. Nancy Goodyear

    The Fabric of Innovation

    Chemistry Prof. Yuyu Sun and Assoc. Prof. Nancy Goodyear of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences are leading a project to develop a material that offers health care workers true protection from harmful microbes.
  • Susanna Remold

    Biology Professor Unravels an Ecological Mystery

    Prof. Susanna K. Remold, the new chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, shares some insight into her work to unravel an ecological mystery that could help improve the lives of people with diseases such as cystic fibrosis.
  • Kimberly Sawyer

    Driving Change at Argonne National Lab

    As deputy laboratory director for operations and chief operations officer at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Kimberly Conroy Sawyer ‘89 works to ensure a stable future for the organization, which tackles complex challenges in science and technology.
  • Eric Darois, Fred Straccia and Jay Tarzia

    Radiological Sciences Alumni Build Company Rooted in UML Experience

    Three Radiological Sciences alumni worked nights and weekends in their basements to lay the groundwork needed to start their own firm. RSCS officially launched in 1989, with radon testing and mitigation services as the early staples of its business.